• Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting Rooms

Facilities & Equipment:

Projector & Screen



Drinking Water

Pantry for recess time


High Speed Internet


Full Day (8 hrs) – RM 600
Half Day (4 hrs) – RM 350
2-Hours – RM 200


Everything was fairly seamless for our event. The rooms were well equipped, comfortable and had blinds to limit distraction from the outside. The floor was also comfortable to sit on, and the toilets were clean.

Alex Lim // MYReaders

The Compass’ meeting rooms provide a cosy and conducive environment for small teams with big ideas. It’s invaluable to be connected to The Compass community which helps us grow as a business.

Daniel Teoh // Native

The meeting rooms provided a welcoming and comfortable environment for us, throughout our community engagement event. The facilities like the television and large number of chairs, provided a comfortable space that was very conducive to run the training, which really helped us in our presentation and getting our message across. The rooms were also spacious to run activities like icebreakers, and allowed people to mingle and get to know one another after the training was done!

Charlene Liaw // Epic Communities