Extraordinary People Impacting Communities

Epic has come a long way since our first project in 2010, which led to Epic Homes. All that time developing community-based housing solutions with Orang Asli villages has given us the network and experience to replicate social impact in other forms.

Since 2017, we’ve expanded and have been working with local councils, government bodies, urban developers, small to medium enterprises, corporations and volunteers through our ecosystem of companies and platforms that make social impact accessible to everyone, including you.


Because together, we are Epic.

How does our ecosystem work?

Whether you represent a corporation or are just looking for ways you can volunteer on an individual capacity, you’ll find your place at Epic.

Each company or platform is a component to the bigger machinery to execute a big initiative like Epic Homes, which utilises Epic DNA’s training modules to train volunteers that are mobilised and managed using our Sedunia platform.

You can hire Epic and a system to execute your project can be worked out for you. Or, if you need a specific service you can utilise the specific components of our ecosystem.

Here’s a simple cheatsheet:

Our Companies

Our training arm. Great for developing workshops and training modules.

For community development solutions. Plan, design, build.

Our Platforms

For volunteering opportunities and project management tools for impact tracking.

A resource for DIY designs you can download and build yourself.

Our Initiatives

Building homes with Orang Asli communities.

A community engagement initiative to map the needs of marginalised communities.

More Initiatives

Our coworking space.

Our editorial portal for sharing community stories and knowledge to solve community challenges.

The New Logo!

A minimalist mark of a hand – symbolising openness and trust, giving to the world, and in turn receiving what is being given back. All while telling an Epic story.